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Local Runners

A Global Race, Right Here

We all made Dubai our home and so we know what Is attractive about this city, that makes many in the world envious.

Well, runners here now have another reason to celebrate, as a home-grown globally iconic run is founded on our very doorstep, with no need to travel.

For every ability… if you start early

People run for many reasons and are at many levels, from club competitive runner looking for a personal best, to the couch to 5k crowd looking for fitness.

If you’re prepared to put in the work and start preparing in time, Burj2Burj and your own personal best can be within reach for everyone. We have a maximum run time of 3 hours, so if you’re not there yet, make this your first goal!

Whatever your goal, follow our training guides and let’s see you at the start!

Be Coached, Be Inspired

Unlike international runners, if you’re based in the UAE then you have access to the in-person support and motivation of Coach Ivana Kolaric, and the Burj2Burj Ambassador team, and the chance to join runs and other training events put on by the team and with sponsors during 2023.

Get used to the Route

We all know different routes motivate us in different ways. Why not get in some practice on the actual route at the weekends – know how you’re feeling at set points along the way and chart your progress with repeat trips. 

Sharing is Caring

If you want to run with others at the same level then use our social accounts and us to reach out and find running buddies. We’d love to share your personal stories of training and motivation, in social or blog posts.

Want to become an Ambassador?

We’re friendly, social and don’t bite – much. Ambassadors get first pick on all training events and the latest info! Simply mail

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See you at the Start!