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International Runners

Special Offer for Our Global Runners!

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news for our international participants! In our commitment to make your Burj2Burj experience as seamless and memorable as possible, we’ve secured an exclusive accommodation deal that’s just too good to miss. 

Getting to Dubai

Dubai is a global travel hub, with a third of the world’s population within a 4 hour flight.

Emirates Airline serves most key global cities with direct flights and there are a range of other Airlines serving destinations across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Getting around Dubai

Dubai has a Metro overhead rail line that runs from the airline along parallel with the coast, serving most tourist destinations. It has stops at our race village (Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall) and walking distance from the race start (Mall of the Emirates).

Dubai’s very well served with low cost and efficient taxis which can be booked via the Careem app, where you can also book a more prestigious ride.


Tourists are covered for A&E and runners will be covered under event insurance for any accidents, however it is your responsibility to book medical insurance cover for your stay to cover you for any eventuality.

Local Rules and Customs

Dubai’s great lifestyle and tourism reputation is well earnt, however some travelers worry about accidentally breaking the law. The good news is that it’s actually very hard for well meaning tourists to get into trouble, and the Police and authorities are helpful and understanding. The main requirements are to respect and not to defame others in social media, to not be drunk and abusive in public and to not have drugs or other illegal items in your possession.

One caution for athletes is to check that your medication is allowed in the country and to carry prescriptions where necessary. Do not bring codeine-based painkillers with you.

Safety & Security

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, indeed people often leave phones and laptops at their tables at cafes.

Telling Your Story

We’re very keen to share stories of people coming from every nationality. Stories of preparation, of trips, of why you want to race in the very first Burj2Burj! With you, let’s make this a truly global event!

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An Iconic Global City

Dubai’s built to inspire. The most modern of cities with up to date amenities and a friendly welcome. Palm trees line the route as you pass exquisite and world renowned architecture. Bring your family and enjoy the best of Arabian hospitality and make it a memorable trip in many ways.

Dedicated Support for International Runners

You will feel welcomed, made to feel at home and supported every step of the way by our professional team members and support facilities. We will endeavour to support every request and need for information you send in advance, helping make your trip here as smooth as possible.

Start 2024 with Burj2Burj

There’s no better start to a runner’s year than to set the pace, laying down a benchmark to try to beat for the rest of the year. We feel there’s no better opportunity for that pace to be your best due to our course design and the inspiration from running an attractive route.

Helping you find your Personal Best

With the perfect running temperature and weather, Dubai will be a welcome break from the intense cold or heat of your home country.

It’s ideally scheduled in the global running calendar to not compete with and help you gear-up for later runs.

Much of the route are long straights, with inclines just when you need them, so your body can recover halfway, ready to end with speed.

The beautiful route, the rising sun and the entertainment and supporters along the way give you the enthusiastic boost you need and every opportunity for a personal best.